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I’m a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and an experienced facilitator, trainer and group leader.  In my private practice I offer weekly sessions for individuals and couples, as well as group experiences, mentoring and supervision.  My therapeutic work is on the phone, online, face to face and now also outdoors in nearby woodland.


My background is in Clinical Psychology with nearly 30 years’ experience in the NHS as well as in private practice.  I also trained in Traditional Acupuncture, qualifying with an Honours degree in 2001 which led me into the innovative field of Energy Psychotherapy.  Since then, I’ve been able to integrate a variety of different ways of working into my therapy practice and I work with a range of personal and relationship issues including trauma.


I was fortunate enough at the start of 2018 to take part in Nature Connection Leader training (with Reconnect in Nature) and this was an exciting and pivotal experience for me.  I have worked as a volunteer Nature Connection Leader for Reconnect in Nature since then and have recently become a Director of this Community Interest Company.  I am now working to bring my passion for nature connection and ecology into my work and am actively developing my Outdoor Therapy practice.

Suzi and tree Oct 2020.jpg

I live in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire, in the far western corner of Wales in the UK and have a deep passion for trail running, especially on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.  In the summer of 2014, I managed to run the entire 186 miles of the coast path from St Dogmaels in the north of the county to Amroth in the south, to raise money for Water Aid’s “To Be a Girl” campaign.  I’ve also successfully (and slowly!) completed a couple of trail marathons: the Ras Dewi Sant (along the Pembrokeshire coast path) and Trail Marathon Wales at Coed y Brennin, along with numerous trail half marathons in my area.  I’m a qualified Run Leader with Run Wales.  Trail running forms an essential and regular part of my mental health and self-care practice (along with yoga and meditation).  I’ve enjoyed taking part in events but prefer to be out and about without the pressure of a timing chip, just exploring, occasionally getting lost and always stopping a lot to appreciate and investigate what catches my attention in nature.


I was born in the UK but grew up and attended universities in South Africa before moving back to the UK in 1994.  I feel a strong connection to this country’s landscape and have a particular love for ancient woodlands and mountain wilderness areas.  The diversity of the natural living world is fascinating to me and I’m continually learning about the ecology and wildlife in my local area.  I have a special affinity for trees and am proud to be a Volunteer Speaker for the Woodland Trust.


I continue to work part time in the NHS in the field of staff wellbeing and this involves working strategically across the Health Board as well as with leadership, managers, teams and individual members of staff.  I’m also actively leading on the Green Health agenda for the organisation, working to improve our environment (inside and out) for the benefits of staff, patients, visitors, the wider community, and the natural living world.

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