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    Suzi Tarrant

    Energy Psychotherapist & Consultant Clinical Psychologist

    An effective approach for personal change

    Energy Psychotherapy offers a gentle way of bringing about positive change.  This approach tends to work far more effectively than any other conventional psychotherapy methods and can also be very successful in helping you to overcome and release inner conflicts, resistance and barriers to change.


    I have been able to combine my professional training and over 25 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist with formal training in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and a

    range of different Energy Psychology techniques into an effective and safe psychotherapeutic practice.  My focus is on providing a warm, safe and compassionate place where each person can explore their life challenges and work towards healing and resolution.


    Throughout my life I’ve had a keen interest in spiritual practices, the field of alternative medicine and traditional methods of healing.  This has led me to learn about and train in a variety of healing methods.  My need for conceptual understanding and more objective evidence has also led me to study in the sciences and the majority of my career has been within a professional healthcare environment.  I feel driven to seek out what works best, and my intention is to hold together being open-minded and willing to step outside conventional paradigms with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness and discernment.


    Fundamental to my therapeutic practice is the belief that healing does not need to be re-traumatising.  I work in ways which are gentle and adaptable to the needs of the individual.  A key part of the process is to enable each client to learn new and effective ways of resolving distress that they can continue to use on their own.  My intention is to work with each client as an equal partner, sharing knowledge and skills and facilitating positive change in the quickest and best way possible.